Fashion lessons I learnt from my mum

My mum has always been a fashionista from as long as I can remember. Over the years I have picked up a few fashion tips and lessons from my mother and they have been working for my. I am glad and blessed to have her as mum. She is such a beautiful soul.

  1. Wear your polo neck under your dress

When I was introduced to this it was still the dolly dress era, I thought it was hideous as a child but as I grew up I began to see that it was sleek and fashion forward, I still use this trick till today.

2. Wear secret socks with your sneakers

I have had secret socks for as long as I can remember and they are not only cute but your sneakers do not get as dirty.

3. Wear stockings

If you wear stockings, it just takes your outfit from drab to fab in a flash. They just ass pizazz in a flash.

4. Accessories make your outfit pop

Accessorise, manufacturers make these so that you buy them and adorn yourself. Pick 2 only though, don’t over accessorise or you will end up looking like a Christmas tree. She loves watches and studs so she has tonnes of those. I prefer earrings and watches as well, the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree lol.

5. Heels a must have

You can never have enough of these, they will give you confidence and also start conversations and comments. Pick the unique ones.

6. Bags

Invest in these they always come in handy. Have an overnight bag, clutch bag, tote, gym bag, everyday bag.

Thank you mum for these valuable fashion lessons


The 3 denim must haves .

 Denim has been there since the 1930s and it is one of the trends that never go out of fashion hence making them a great investment. It is time to unleash the denim diva in you and lux o these three denim pieces this spring. Bearing that it is hot right now, you have to get denim items that will not only be comfortable but stylish, these are;
1. Denim waistcoat

denim wasist coat

These are a big fashion hit and every girl should have one. If they have a bit of bling and studs the better, this will show that they are not from the 90s.You can wear this waistcoat with your maxi dress, with your white skinny jeans, skater skirts, shorts. You can also add a chunky necklace if you are wearing a vest with your waist coat.

2. A shirt dress


Since denim can a bit heavy and hot in spring, opt for a short dress so that you can show off your legs. You can dress down your denim dress with thong slippers, all-star snickers, an over-sized hat, sunnies and a shopper bag. Or you can dress it up with wedges, a clutch or a tote bag when have brunch, lunch or drinks with your better half or with the girls. It would be a great opportunity to
3. Shorts


Keep them classy and not trashy. Just below the knee is a good length. Whether they are white, stone wash, acid washed or dark, denim shorts are a must have this spring. You can wear them with your chiffon top, sunnies, a shopper bag and thong sandals for a relaxed look. You can also dress them up with bright colored wedges and a sling bag when you have been invited to a braai.

4. Skirts

These are versatile pieces as you can dress them up and down. A definate must have all year round…Pair them with a white vest and flats for a day out with the girls and a heels and a blouse for a more classsy look.

Go ahead and invest in these four denim pieces that you can wear all year round.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

Splurge or save??

At times we are torn between splurging or saving when we go shopping. Though it seems quite sensible to save more than to splurge, once in a while you have to spoil yourself because trust me, you deserve it. However you should know the items to splurge on that will give you value for your money because they will last and last and will not go out of fashion.

The 5 items to splurge on are;

  1. Jeans

fitted jeans 2.jpg

Jeans are very fashionable and they are versatile as you can dress them up or down. When buying jeans, consider them an investment, just make sure that you but the perfect fit, not too big or too small. You are guaranteed that you will wear them for a long time and the bonus is, jeans never go out of fashion.

  1. Work wear


You always have to look your absolute best, and these clothes are an investment. You know what they say, if you look good you do good. Buy high quality timeless pieces that will last and last.Invest in blazers, court shoes, pants and pencil skirts, these will always be a must have in your work wear wardrobe. You can save on the accessories that will be the icing on the cake of your outfit.

  1. Underwear


You have to splurge on undies as they make you ooze with confidence. Buy them in all colours but remember neutral colours for your light clothing, you wouldnt to buy pink lingerie and wer it with a white dress. Buy the right sizes and get measured for your bra so that you buy the perfect size.

  1. Leather jacket


Even if leather jackets cost a leg and an arm, go ahead and splurge, it’s worth every cent. It might hurt a little to fork out that ward of cash but you will be wearing your gorgeous jacket for many years to come.

  1. Hand bags


It’s always better to have 5 quality handbags than to have 20 bags that are poor quality and will easily tear. Handbags help to start conversations and they also help you to make a statement. Buy bags that go with the rest of your wardrobe and your individual style.

Save on;

  1. Whites


These always easily lose colour , rather buy whites from chain stores.

  1. On trend pieces


Save on these pieces as you will only wear them for only when they are still in fashion and after that they will only take up space in your closet. Like these gaga shoes, gone and forgotten.

So go on and splurge and save, but do not max out your credit cards and end up drowning in debt, not cool.

XOXO Imelda The Fashionista

7 beauty items every woman invest in.

Beauty has become a priority and every woman wants to look their absolute best. It’s called make up because, it is there to enhance your beauty and not bring out a totally new person. You always have to bear in mind that you have to take good care of skin and eat right so that you look hot everyday beauty items that every woman should have are;
1. Face wash


After having a long sweaty day, it is always a treat to go home and wash your face with face wash, this will help open the pores in your skin and you will not have black heads and blemishes. You will be having glowing skin that will not only make you feel like a million bucks but a billion bucks.
Tip: There is a face wash for every skin type. Go shopping for any Garnier, Clearsil, Neutrogena, Ponds products.
2. Face cream or foundation

For  girls who do not wear any make up; make sure you get the appropriate face cream for your face that gives you the glow that you love. For the glamorous girls, never apply face powder without foundation. Like the name suggests, this product is vital and a definite must have  everyday.
3. Lipstick


Red lipstick has been a hit in the silver screen since the 1920s and it can hold a man’s attention for ten seconds. It is a must have everyday, on trend and red hot.
4. Sunscreen

This should be one of the items you have to invest in, with the scorching sun, you have to protect your delicate skin from the UV rays that are bound to damage your skin.
5. Hand cream

Chapped hands are unattractive and they make you lose confidence. Thus it is ideal to invest in hand cream that smells good and that will moisturise your hands.

6. Shaving cream

This is a must have beauty item so that we can proudly show off our hairless skin.

7. Shower gel


This is a must have beauty product for me, as i always feel like i can conquer the world when i step out of the shower. The fragrances are top notch and my skin will be soft , i just love that feeling.

Go ahead and invest in these 7 beauty products and take everyday head on.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

Implementing Goals

Before we can talk about implementing goals lets first talk about goal setting because we can’t implement goals we do not have.

My golden rules of goal setting.

  1. Set Goals That Motivate You
  2. Set SMART Goals (Sustainable, Measurable,  Attainable, Relevant and Time bound)
  3. Set Goals in Writing
  4. Make an Action Plan
  5. Stick With It!

Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. Implementing your strategic plan is as important, or even more important, than your strat

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a critical thinking framework and goal setting methodology that helps companies to align goals and ensure everyone is working collaboratively on goals that really matter.

Example 1

Objective: Implement new outbound email campaign

Key Results: 

  1. Write email copy to send to outbound leads
  2. Get a list of outbound leads
  3. Send email to everyone on list 

Example 2

Objective: Make our company go viral

Key Results:

  1. Generate 100,000 views on our youtube channel
  2. Get 10,000 new followers on instagram
  3. Increase organic search traffic to our website by 20%

5 ways to implement a strategic plan

  1. Plan and align

Having clear goals with a comprehensive list of business objectives creates guidelines that become the foundation for business planning and growth.

  • Be accountable

Be accountable for your goals and their action plans, it will be easier to quantify vision, goals or objectives and strategy.

  • Create focus

Tackle one goal at a time so that you don’t wear yourself out. Do the tasks you hate first so that you won’t dread the other tasks that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Be action-oriented

 Be focused and aware of the practical step-by-step actions that will move your goals forward. Your daily and weekly focus should be on the very specific tasks they need to achieve to move your goals forward.

  • Track progress

You will need to keep track of how you are doing, constantly go back to your journal or vision board to check how you are doing, this will enable you to come up with other strategies if the ones you were using were not working.

The last bit that’s crucial;

How to stay motivated and reach your goals

  1. Let go of what you can’t control
  2. Organise your thoughts
  3. Stay positive
  4. Visualise your achievement
  5. 5 Ensure your goals are your goals.

Tools you need to keep you going.

  1. Journal/ Diary that will help you set your goals and track them
  2. A vision board that will keep you motivated
  3. A morning routine that will set the tone of your day and enable you to do more

*Plan the night before so that you know what needs to be done so that you can get more stuff done.

Petticoat school – Part 1

Elin's Era

For those who don’t know what a petticoat is: In historical contexts (sixteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries), petticoat refers to any separate skirt worn with a gown, bed gown, bodice or jacket; these petticoats are not, strictly speaking, underwear, as they were made to be seen. In both historical and modern contexts, petticoat refers to skirt-like undergarments worn for warmth or to give the skirt or dress the desired fashionable shape. Basically it gave/give your dress or skirt that extra poof.

As you all can imagine there are a huge number and variations on the market with different styles, fabrics, price and color. I would love to tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a good petticoat but I found that the more you spend the more you get in quality and poof.

The wind blew very hard that day and snatched her petticoat away!…

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5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Makeup Artist

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As a makeup artist, whether you operate in a freelance capacity or structured within a salon or beauty shop, it’s extremely important to master the element of marketing.  On the Internet, if you can’t be found, you might as well be invisible.  I have been fortunate to have worked with countless makeup artists brimming with artistic and creative talent for makeup, and the common denominator amongst them is the difficulty in being able to market said skill sets to successive business growth.

I wanted to spend a little time today to share a few professional tips for the industry based on my experiences and learning, whether you are just starting out, looking to become a MUA, or just want to increase your growth for an established brand.  Here are 5 ways to market yourself as a makeup artist to boost your brand awareness quickly. FAIR WARNING: implementing the following will most…

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