Unleashing the inner vintage vixen in you this spring…

To some fashion is a hobby to other people a career and to some as something that is no-existent. Over the years most women have never been moved by the way they look .With spring in the horizon, its high time women be concerned with the way they look. Spring has lots of events that require women to dress up and look stylish. When picking up outfits women should have two things in mind, to turn women green with envy and for men to just turn and stare.

Vintage clothing is not only stylish but it makes you unique and standout. However one should not make the mistake of wearing vintage from head to toe .It is always better to just use one vintage item, say for example a shift dress. The trick is to find that incredible dress that fits your body like a glove. You can dress it up or down in four ways.

vintage dress

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1. You can rock your vintage dress to work
You can wear your vintage dress with a blazer, pair it with pumps or wedges as you will want to be comfortable the whole day. You can add some glamour to your outfit by adding a cuff and some chandelier earrings and a tote bag to seal your look.
TIP: Do not be afraid to use color, as it will go a long way in bringing life to your outfit.
2. You can also rock your vintage shift dress when you are going out for drinks with the girls
All you have to do is just to slip on your sky high heels, preferably ones with studs or bold colors. Add a stylish clutch bag and a statement ring and you can go out and paint the town red.
3. You can rock your vintage dress to a wedding.
The idea is to look different but stylish, because they are nothing that hurts more than wearing the same outfit as the next person. What you can do is to add a fascinator, matching heels, sunglasses and a clutch bag that big enough so that you can carry your camera and make up. You wouldn’t want to ruin the wedding photos with you smudged lipstick.
3. You can wear your vintage number to church
The trick is to look simple but elegant. So just add earrings, a watch and a stylish handbag and mid heel heels.
Who said looking good should cost a fortune
XoXo Imelda the Fashionista

Back to the fashion drawing board

Having been shopping and updating your wardrobe for the past few months. Your wardrobe should be full to the brim of basic clothing. Now it is time e to use what you already own to dress up for that special occasion. Some of us have let a party pass us by because we claimed we did not have anything to wear.Here are a few tips to remember when you and your partner are faced with the fashion crisis.

black 3
1. Cocktail Parties.

cocktail dress: www.ii-v.com
cocktail dress: http://www.ii-v.com

When one is dressing up for this occasion, the words that should linger in your mind are stylish and elegant.You should look the part that means no sandals, you can rock an LBD or a glamorous cocktail dress, cocktail parties are all about color, being chic and making a statement.

Your partner can get away with a light suit, or a pair of jeans with a formal jacket and a classy shirt. Tell your man that T-shirts are forbidden at a cocktail party so that he also looks on point.

Smart casual
Smart casual

2. Smart casual
This dress code tends to confuse a lot of people because, they tend to forget the term smart and think of casual. The woman can get away with a pretty frock and pumps or with dark or white jeans, heels, jewelry and a cute clutch bag. However, avoid three quarter pants they are just a fashion catastrophe in this event.

When one is dressing up for this occasion, the words that should linger in your mind are stylish and elegant.

Your date can try to a combine a good pair of jeans with a formal jacket and he can easily lose the jacket later when you start dancing or when you get cold.

The black tie.
The black tie.

3. The black tie.

The black tie.
The black tie.

The lady has to look elegant in a black gown or black LBD. One can easily update this look with accessories and a gorgeous club bag and not forgetting sky scrapper heels or comfy wedges.

The black tie.
The black tie.

Never wear jeans it is not a casual event!!!Your partner should wear a tux or suit with a bow tie.The jacket or waistcoat button should be undone; this will mean that the suit fits perfectly.

The black tie.
The black tie.

The trousers should touch the top heel of the shoe.Make sure your partner has a clean cut and shave so that he looks sleek, neat and drop dead gorgeous.So this means no Jeans and T-shirts they are just hideous in black tie events.

Dress up and look on point on the events you will be attending
Xoxo…Imelda The Fashionista

The three ways you can look fabulous on a shoe string budget

looking fabulous an a shoe string budget

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Clothes are very essential to a lot of women, but the problem is that, most of us cannot afford to buy clothes for every occasion. Some people have busy lifestyles that require them to buy clothes for every occasion. Today we are going to explore the three options that one can opt for so that, look fabulous on a shoe string budget.
1. The swap party

swap till you drop

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A swap party is when friends gather and swap clothes that they no longer wear. Everyone has that one thing that they do not wear and yet their friend maybe having an eye on. At a swap party you can exchange clothes, handbags and even accessories. Giving away something that you do not use anymore will mean that you will get something new to wear to the next party,    lunch date or dinner date. They are however some certain aspects one has to consider when picking out items for a swap party
• Do not take rags ,you want to leave the party happy and so does the next person
• Take something that you like but you do not wear the next person can wear and use
2. Go vintage and be a vintage vixen.

thrift store

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Thrift stores are relatively cheap as one can get clothes ranging from a $1 to $10. With thrift stores, you can find a very unique item that is either new or that has been worn before. If the clothing item is too big you have an option of taking it to the tailor for alterations and you are guaranteed that you will be the only girl in that stunning outfit.
• Do not buy an item that has too many stains, it will end up costing more as you will have to take it to a dry cleaner.
• Try and get outfits that are your size so that you can cut the expense of involving a tailor
• When going to a thrift shop be patient as they may be a lot of stuff to go through
3. Engage a tailor


Image courtesy of http://www.dreamstime.com
They are occasions where one wants to be the center of attention. In this particular instance you can draw a sketch or cut out a couple of pictures from a magazine. Thereafter you can then go to the tailor and ask for advice on which material is best for that particular design. This option is cheap as you only have to purchase the material then pay the tailor his or her services
• Go with a tailor you are familiar with, you would not want to use someone who will not only mess your design but waste your material.
• Make sure that tailor took the correct measurements, if you want say a long dress wear a shoe with a heel so that they have the correct length that you want
• If you have never used the tailor’s services, insist on looking at that previous work so that you can decide whether you want to use them or not.

So go ahead and explore these three ways of looking fabulous on a shoe string budget…

xoxo Imelda The Fashionista

Closet crisis ….let me solve it for you.

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Most women have a closet crisis week in week out year after year.Its time to break that bad bad to habit.The truth is waking up not knowing what you will wear to school or work can be very stressful,frustrating and nerve wreking.This is another reason why some people are always late for work,school,dates and appointments.It is quite obvious that they will not tell their boss or the person they were supposed to meet that they had a closet crisis,but trust me, they will definitely come up with an excuse.
Here are some tips to help you solve your ‘closet crisis’ .
1.First of all pick out six outfits for the week.The five outfits will take you through from Monday to Friday and the sixth outfit is an emergency or just in case the weather cases or if you change your mind in the morning.
In these outfits make sure that they are diverse and are appropriate for the events,that will be taking place on that day.Pick out a shift dress,a pencil skirt,a pair of slacks,maybe a suit,a mid skirt and matching shirts or tops that will go with the slacks and the skirts and most importantly blazers and cardigans so that you do not catch a cold.Make sure you pick out different colors so that dressing up in the morning will not be dreadful.
2.Pick out 6 pairs of shoes that will match with your outfits.pick a kitten heel,a wedge,a chunky court shoe,a pointy pencil heel,pumps and a sling back heel.Pick shoes that are comfy and that will go with the events that you will be having on that day.if you are to have a board meaning don’t pick the pump but a pointy pencil heel,it will not only make you look great but make you feel powerful that you can conquer the world.
3.pick out your accessories.You have to pick up you earrings,bracelets,belts,wallets.Make sure these accessories do not clash with your outfit but they complement them.The should bring that whimsical charm to you outfit.
4.Pick out at least three handbags that will complement you outfits.The handbag is the cherry on top of your outfit.Pick bags that you will be able to fit all your stuff and not a tiny bag that will make you have to carry a plastic bag{so not appealing} if you are a working woman.A tip is to have cosmetic bag that will contain your makeup kit,wipes,gloss and tissues,that you will just remove from one bag to another and your wallet so that you do not forget anything if you are changing your bags.Also it is always an advantage to switch your bags the night before so that you make sure you packed everything.
5.Also decide on the type of hairstyle that you will want to do the next day,if it’s a pony tail make sure you know where your scrunches are,if you are going to tong or blow dry your hair,know where the dryer and the tong are.
Enjoy a stress free week with no ‘’closet crisis’’ and you are guaranteed that you will be early for work this week.
Xoxo Imelda The fashionista…


So many women in the City of Kings and Queens are working women. On a day to day basis we see beautiful ladies on the street looking like walking fashion catastrophes that either look like plain Jane or UGLY BETTY . However, today we are going to try and rectify that…Dressing up for work should always be fun and never a hassle .The four words every woman should have in mind when dressing up for work are elegant, smart ,comfortable and professional. Being an office “fashionista” is simple, though there are a number of things one should consider when dressing up for work.
Every woman wants to be taken seriously at work. To achieve this, always wear a blazer and not a cardigan to meetings. Remember how they insisted that you wear blazers to club meetings in High School or would pay a fine. They meant well because, they were preparing you for the future. The blazer, not only makes you look formal but also to be taken seriously and makes you look like someone who is down for serious business.
The other thing is cleavage, how much is too much. In as much as you would love to showcase your cleavage because you might have been eyeing that “hottie” from work. Cleavage at the office is an acceptable because it is a destruction.”Somethings” ,are best left for the imaginary realm. T- shirts at the office are not acceptable except of course for casual Fridays because the only scream CASUAL..
Also, minimal make up please. A little blusher, nude eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss or lipstick. You would not want to want to look like a piece of canvas that a child has been trying to paint, but has failed dismally. No client would want to walk into a board room to find a clown in the boardroom.
Miniskirts are so like the 90s that have come and gone. They are usually referred to skirts that end where they have just started. Rather opt for pencil skirt ,they are more subtle and elegant. Short things are not office material, we are not there to tempt people, you are there to do your job and earn a living. Then there is tight clothing. Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, but an accident in waiting. First of all, some of them are so tight that you cannot breathe. A bad combination,however is short and tight, you will consistently be pulling down you dress or skirt and chances are you will have a horrible day. The other thing is you are not sure what to expect, if you are to trip, your clothes are likely to tear and just imagine the embarrassment.
Open shoes like gladiators, slippers, sandals are unacceptable. Remember that good shoes always give every woman confidence to conquer the world. Opt for pumps ,kitten heels or wedges if you are going to be on your feet all day long. You can then swoop to your sky scrapper heels at night when you are going out with your friends.
Accessories bring glitz and glamour to any outfit and make it look fresh and original .For work, opt for a watch than a bracelet, you can swoop it when going to a cocktail party after work. With earrings, you can either wear studs or chandelier earrings as long as you can pull it off. However do not make the mistake of wearing all of them at once. If you are to wear the watch, and the earrings then do not wear the statement ring. ALSO do not forget to balance your accessories, pair a bigger accessory with a smaller accessory. For example, a chunky necklace with studs ,a big watch with a small ring and so on and so forth..
Wear bright colors too they will surely lift up your spirits but keep it professional. Dress up in an outfit that makes you, you and be ready to conquer the world
.Here are the 8 fashion items every working woman should own
• Pencil skirt,a Shift dress,a blazer, a tote bag,court shoes,pumps,wrist watch,crisp white blouse,

Turning a year old again…..The Qhawekazi turned a year older today.

I have to admit that when I was younger I really looked forward to my birthday but now I am not sure if I feel the same way. Growing up comes with so many responsibilities and expectations .The older generation starts asking the most bizarre questions that you thought they would never ask. Like who you are dating and when you will introduce them to your boyfriend. Some even go to the extent of telling you that they want grandchildren. #Weird.

I have to admit that I love being young, having the free and independent but they are some decisions that you have to make and regardless of the consequences that will come with those decisions.
But today is not a day of making any decisions, I just have to relax, reflect and be pampered. I have always believed that I am a miracle baby. I was born after 8 days after my mother’s labor pains started. I was born a few hours before her scheduled operation. Being the first born has always put pressure to do my level best all the time so as to set an example for my sister.

I am so fortunate to have supportive parents who have always believed in me and that have always. I have always been an individual who has always had the craziest dreams. I remember when I first told my mother I did not want to be a doctor anymore and I wanted to be a journalist instead. She was said no at first because she probably thought that I wanted to be a journalist at a war zone.#giggling

I remember when I turned twenty one I drafted the ultimate five year plan of the things I wanted to achieve and God has been so good to me by blessing me exceedingly abundantly and I am forever grateful. On this day however i get to receive presents and just kick back relax and unwind and enjoy just being a year older….Growing up aint so bad after all.

I had a wonderful day…..Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Tomorrow is a new day, new beginnings and I will keep on soldiering on #Iqhawekazi

Using fashion to boost your confidence.

A lot of women do not consider fashion to be something that can boost their confidence. Fashion has been there for ages and I believe it is high time women from Zimbabwe started looking it from a different perspective. Though some may view fashion as a get rich quick scheme or something that is just a waste of time, I want to urge all the women in Zimbabwe to start taking the aspect of fashion seriously. If we all wear clothes that are made locally, we can all contribute the growth of our economy. That way, we can all support the local fashion industry and a play a part in cutting down on the unemployment rate.
Over the years we have seen fashion take center stage in other countries and it’s high time we did the same. People tend to judge people by the way they dress and trust me, no matter how good, bubbly or amazing you maybe, your character will be over shadowed by the way you dress. If you are a working woman and you dress like you are going to a party, your colleagues will not take you serious as you clearly will not have earned their respect.
I for one consider working women to be the most beings on this planet and they need to ooze confidence where ever they go and the starting point is to dress appropriately. Most of them are role models because probably they lead lives we wish we had or careers we are dying for, and it is high time they inspired us in a fashionable way.
For one to have confidence, it all starts from the mind and then glows to the outside. The first step is to know who you are and believe it, because if you do not believe it no one else will. Women have to bear in mind and tell themselves, that they are beautiful before some else does. This will entail that, it will not come as a shock to them and they will already be knowing that they are beautiful. When that is settled then you can then look at their figure and appreciate the body God gave you and then research on what clothing suits your body shape
There are 5 fashion items that are consider to be confidence boosters.
1. High Heeled shoes
Studies have shown that men tend to want to help women in high heeled shoes as they look powerful. No matter the size of the heel high heeled shoes are just sexy. However buy shoes that you feel comfortable in if you can walk in sky scrapper heels then opt for them, they are incredibly sexy and they make every woman turn green with envy .Wedges are another option very stylish and very comfortable make sure you buy the pair that would have caught your eye first. . Kitten heels are also another option buy them in a bold color as they are very cute and stylish to look at.

2. A Shift dress
This is a timeless and versatile piece as one can wear it to work and for a date after work. Just make sure that you get the dress in the right size, not too small or too big. The dress has to fit you like a glove so that you can accentuate your best features and for you to be comfortable. Make sure you get it in a right color for example red, and this color just makes everyone just look amazing and Bill Blass once said when you are in doubt, wear red.

3. Classy handbag
Just like shoes are like diamonds to women, handbags are also vying for the same spot. Handbags have become an irreplaceable trend. The trick is to buy that handbag you love and that you will probably carry for the next couple of years. If you want to invest in a statement piece then go ahead and do so .The whole idea is to get compliments and in that way it will boost your confidence that you have an eye for fashion.

4. Red lipstick
Red lipstick has been in fashion for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mother always had red lipstick and it has always gone a long way in boosting my confidence. The trick is to apply it too much, because you will end up looking like make up on a clown gone wrong, so just try and be as minimalist as you can .That way you will look classy and trust me, women around you, will wish they were you and men will wish they were with you.

5. Embellished Clutch bag
A clutch bag is every hand’s best friend and if it is embellished the better. Most women are like princesses and they love a bit of bling . This fashion item is ideal for weddings, cocktail parties, dates and so on and so forth. This bag will go a long way in boosting your confidence as you will definitely get compliments for the bag.

So go ahead and let your hair down and get your confidence back by looking at fashion from a different perspective and be confidently fashionable.

Xoxo Imelda_The Fashionista.