The Arthur C Evans Show Episode 2: Setting the bar high

  AND      Ammara Brown                                                                     Otis Frazer This episode features the daughter of the late musician and legend Andy Brown, Ammara Brown an extraordinary musician who has made a name for herself and  set the bar really high for local … Continue reading

The Arthur C Evans Show Episode 1: The Super Star Episode

The Superstar Oliver ‘Tuku ‘Mtukudzi, The ZiFM The Ignition Radio Personality extra-ordinaire Tonderai Katsande aka ‘TK’ and award winning hip hop artist, Calvin aka, ‘The Luveve boy’ Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi                      Tonderai ‘TK’ Katsande            Cal_Vin The first episode of the Arthur … Continue reading

5 ways to manage your mobile data


A bundle of rape vegetable leaves If you want cheap bundles go to Mbare Musika ( image credit – )

Progress in Zimbabwean mobile data prices just got thrown back about five years with a new minimum of 2 cents per MB, but that’s only if you are buying a really large bundle like Econet’s 2.5GB for $50. For the rest of us  who can only afford $1 at time we’ll have to contend with a measly 10MB.

So how can you make the most of paltry data? Techzim showed  7 ways to manage your limited, expensive mobile data bundles . In case that’s not enough here are 5 more ways to scrimp more out of your bundles, for android users.

1. Download Opera Mini

Screenshot of data savings settingsChances are Opera Mini came pre-installed on your phone, if not go ahead and download Opera Mini now.

Most of my mobile internet activity revolves around Opera Mini, probably…

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Revamp your home office

Working from home can be both a blast and a nightmare for others. Working from home eliminates the dressing up aspect that most women love. The best part of dressing up can be either putting on their high heels so … Continue reading