Are you the office door mat. How to earn respect

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Starting a new job and being promoted can be both enticing and nerve wrecking. In most cases, you do not know how to behave and how to relate to your colleagues. If you are new at the office, you will try by all means to fit it and at time you feel as though you don’t fit in at the office. You may want to dress up or dress down so that you are at the same level with your colleagues. If you have been promoted you may feel as if you owe your colleagues allegiance and be nice to them and those that disliked you are likely not to be much of a bother.

If you are door mat in most instances you are highly likely not to want to step on other people’s toes or take sides because you want to be neutral. highlight that you should ‘’be the master of your own career’’. By doing this you will not have to bend over to please your colleagues. You will earn respect if you focus on your work and being a master at what you do and you have to believe that you can do it better with the skills and knowledge that you have acquired.

If you are always doing your colleagues’ work and having to knock off late is definitely a red flag that you might have to think over. You may be is serious trouble with your boss and you will have a lot of explaining to do. You have to earn respect by putting your foot down. There is always a bright side to everything,. you have to learn things all over again. Also consider opting to give you colleagues’ advice or assist them instead of doing their work for them.

Another red flag is constantly having  to cover for your colleague who is always late or who goes out during business hours. You can cover for them if it is an emergency but you should never go to the extent of lying about it. For you to earn respect according to you should Say “No” More, “Yes” Less. You simply advice your colleague to report to their supervisor that way none of you will get into trouble and risk being fired.

If there is an office rumor that is out of hand and your colleague blame you for it, you should not take it lying down. If you do, all rumors are likely to be pinned at you. To earn respect, keeping your cool and confront who ever burst the bubble.

Put your best foot forward and don’t be a door mat.
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Linda Chikerema Zim’s freshest Diva

Born on the 11th of August 1986 Linda Chikerema is the third born,”I was serious tomboy up to the age of 16, very athletic too”. She did her ordinary level and advanced level at Domican Convent in Bulawayo. She is the presenter of Black City Cyphas and business woman who runs a virgin hair business and is an events promoter.

Linda Chikerema
Linda Chikerema

I understand you are a presenter for Black City Cyphas, how did that come about?

Yes I was discovered by the producer of Black City Cyphas at the Casper Nyovest show in April this year when he asked me to send a shout out on camera.

black city
What are the highlights of your presenting career?

Linda Chikerema
Linda Chikerema

Well, the Casino Bar threw the Launch party for the Black City Cyphas on the 18th of July 2015 and it was an A list Party and it was impressive that we have a lot of followers.

You are a well sought presenter, how does that make you feel?

I am humbled and truly blessed I am blessed; I am also very excited for what more I have to offer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself on the big screen in 5 years’ time, working with the best actors in the business, I also see my hair business having expanded, I will be supplying not only regionally but internationally.

Any interesting characters you have met?

I met Casper Nyovest after his first show.

What have you learnt so far with your presenting career?

I have learnt to really enjoy being my true self , I have gained a lot of confidence through my experience of being in front of the cameras.

Describe your fashion style in 5 words?

Sexy, sassy,classy, sophisticated and original.

What is your favorite clothing item and why?

My favorite item is a pair of high heeled shoes because I’m short in height so they complement me really well.
Who do you want with in future?

I would love to work with major shows like Big Brother and possibly VJ for music shows

Any upcoming projects?

Am working on promoting Tin Cup in Bulawayo, it is going to be massive! Watch out for my 80 seconds that will be accessible on You Tube soon!
Any advice for aspiring presenters

How can our readers connect with you on social media

Facebook :Linda Chikerema
Instagram :lindamchik
Twitter :muchichik
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