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Fashion Dos and don’ts of things you should take note of if you are attending a wedding this Spring

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A lot of brides and grooms are tying the knot this spring. A number of us have already planned the outfits that we will wear, where as some are yet to buy the outfits that are going to wear to the weddings. Weddings have since become a class affair in Zimbabwe and they are there to inspire the single people out there to tie the knot someday.
 Make sure you look your absolute best so that the couple has good memories of their big day
 Wear comfortable shoes
 Match your accessories, gold accessories with orange, green, red and white and cobalt blue and purple with silver accessories.
 Make an effort to buy a gift for the newly weds
 Try and incorporate at least one of the wedding colours
 Make in time for the ceremony, it the most special part of the wedding
 Respect the wishes of the bride and groom, if they ask you to wear a certain colour, please oblige, you owe them that much
 Wear something appropriate and stylish.
 Observe the wedding etiquette
 Do not wear black, it is too sad.
 Do not wear white, we want the bride to shine, don’t we now ladies.
 Do not wear all the wedding colours if you are not part of the bridal team because you will .look like an extension of the décor.

 No ‘’selfies’’ when the bride is walking down the aisle or during the ceremony.
 No crazy outfits, be they dramatic or tiny ones and ruin the wedding photos.
 Casual is inappropriate, weddings are formal.
 Go out of your way to upstage the bride, it is her day.
 Fight for the bouquet

Go forth and enjoy the weddings that will be invited to
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.


denim jeans

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Like diamonds and shoes, denim is also a girl’s best friend. Ripped, acid washed, stone washed, faded, embellished, denim is ‘licious”. Denim is a staple piece in every one’s wardrobe. It is a versatile and timeless piece of fashion and can be dressed either up or down. Denim has been there since the 1920s and it was a trend that was first popular with the cowboys. Denim is available in pants, dresses, shorts, play-suits, jackets and even in the form of accessories from cuffs to clutch bags, earrings, Alice bands, necklaces and even shoes.

Though denim cannot be worn to black tie events, one can still wear them to smart casual parties. The good thing about denim is that one can wear it with any shoes, any color, prints, whether stripes, polka dots or animal prints, or metallic, basically anything that suits you and as an individual and complements your style and personality. The bonus point is that denim comes in different cuts so as to cater for every body shape that is pear, hour glass, curvy and athletic.
Levis has a range whose designs guarantee that that you will get the jeans that fit your body like a glove.

The Levis Curve ID range has four IDs, the slight curve, the Demi curve the Bold curve and the Supreme curve. The slight curve is designed to celebrate athletic figures .Whereas; the Demi curve and the bold curve are designed to hug the waist, without gaping or pulling. The supreme curve is designed for particularly for “bootylicious” women. Women who fall into this category have a narrow waist and a generous booty and usually suffer extreme gaping at the back of the waist and jeans that ride very low when they sit down revealing more than they want to.

Other cuts available are the high waist denim be it a skirt or pants, can be paired with a shirt and heels to pull over the DIVA look .Skinny jeans can be worn with a flowing top whereas the wide leg or flared denim can be paired with a tight tops .The amazing aspect about denim is that can complement any look for any occasion.

The best jeans for your body
HOUR GLASS– Bootlegs flatter this shape. It has clean lines and minimizes bumps and lumps and this cut creates good proportions for your natural curves and most importantly helps balance your hips.
PEAR –Bootlegs flatters this shape because it’s all about flare on the bottom. Skinnies can also work but with only a long top.
APPLE- Try low or mid-rise cuts that do not get close and personal in the mid-section. Skinnies emphasize a slender bottom half and a classic style always wins if it fits perfectly and you add a slightly longer top.
ATHLETIC– Your killer long legs should be the center of attention in structured trouser style. A slight boyfriend cut gives you a cute shape and straight jeans, not too skinny though.

1. To bring out that sailor in you, team your skinny jeans with a stripped navy blue or red top with nautical wedges.
2. For a night out with the girls, throw a sequined jacket with your sky scrapper heels and a clutch bag.
3. For a date, surprise your date with the outfit most guys love the most, jeans and a white T-shirt.
4. For a smart casual party, opt for a formal top and a blazer and eye catching wedges as you might be on our feet the whole time and do not forget your glamorous clutch bag

1. Before you head to the checkout counter, ask yourself this important question, “can I touch my toes?
2. Also when trying jeans in a store, do the squat test. If your butt peeks out when you sit, then they are not the jeans for you!
3. Keep in mind that jeans stretch after a few wears, so buy a pair that fits you like a glove, the tighter the better.

4. Denim is timeless, no matter how much it costs, it is worth the investment.
5. When you are buying denims the darker ones look fabulous with bright colors, the light and faded ones look fabulous with darker colors and create balance.
*Do not be afraid to pair denim with denim, but if you are wearing a darker denim skirt, pair it with a faded shirt or crop top.

Wash your denims inside out so that they do not fade out

Go forth and look fabulous in your sassy denims.

Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

6 ways you are drinking water wrong.

drinking water

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Water is a basic necessity and it is one thing human beings cannot do without. Though water is vital in our lives people tend to misuse it by wasting it and contaminating it. Hence it is pivotal that we take good care of the  water sources that we have. We all drink water at some point of our daily lives but have you ever asked yourself if you are drinking water the right way. Many a times, many of us, me included tend to follow trends and studies and not really research that much when it comes to water. I have observed 6 ways that show that you are drinking water wrong.
1. Drinking too much water.
Growing up I felt like I had to drink 8 glasses of water a day what my mother called water therapy. Yes I did concur with her at that time because my pee would be crystal clear and it did not stink but what I detested were what seemed to the hundreds of trips to the toilets and I figured I got a lot of headaches and I had insomnia and I was always hungry. Now I only drink whenever I feel thirsty to avoid many complications.
2. Drinking too little water
According to recommends drinking 30 to 50 ounces a day, which is equivalent to approximately four to six glasses of water. Our bodies need water and I think a glass is not enough. Yes you might be drinking other fluids but our bodies. If you are not an athlete you will not need as much water because you are not active but you need to replace water lost when sweating and to avoid dehydration.
3. Drinking water from an unprotected source.
Water is becoming relatively scarce in many communities in South Africa and Zimbabwe and the rainfall has significantly dropped and the dams do not have as much water as they usually do. Regardless of these situations do not drink from an unprotected water source. And boil the water if you feel it is not safe to drink.
4. Drinking from a plastic bottle instead of a glass bottle.

Glass is easier to recycle that plastic so think green when you are drinking water. You and I can make a difference by going green.

5. Drinking water that has been left in your car

Recent Studies have shown that water left in your car can cause breast cancer. According to; Plastic water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, a material that’s used for a lot of food and beverage packaging since it is lightweight, durable, and shatterproof. However, when heated, it is known to release the chemical BPA, which some experts say can affect hormone levels by mimicking estrogen, and may trigger health risks if exposed at high levels. So rather water your plants than drink the water.

6. Drinking from the tap without a glass or a container.
Most of us are tempted to drink from the tap without a glass or a container. This usually means you will be wasting a lot of water.
Let us all work together to save water, because water is precious. Ensure that the taps are closed and educate your children on how to drink water right. Read and research and about water and be abreast of what is happening around you. Remember every drop counts and it begins with you to save water by drinking it right

Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista

Five warning signs that your child is in trouble

Children are indeed the sweetest beings on earth and childhood memories are one of the most precious memories that we possess. Children can be naughty and go off track but it is the duty of the parent to monitor their child’s behavior and find out the root cause of why they are behaving in that certain manner. However there are five warning signs that you should look out for in your children that are red flags that your child is in trouble and be ready. suggests that you play detective and look closely at your child’s actions and the factors that might be driving them.

Image courtesy of health.usnews.comkid in trouble
1. They are violent.
All of a sudden they are very violent. When you try to have a conversation with them they want to beat you up. If they are playing with their friends or siblings and they disagree on something, they want to solve everything with being violent.
2. They are extremely quiet.
Your children do not want to have any conversation about anything with anyone; they cut themselves from the rest of the world. They just keep to themselves and focus on nothing but themselves. . Dr. Phil says this is a red flag. If your teen starts withdrawing from you or your spouse, there’s a reason. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to identify what’s behind the change.

3. They withdraw themselves from the rest of the world.
They never want to go anywhere, they became housebound. If you mention going out they throw tantrums and they do not want to go to play dates, sports or visit relatives. Be worried and try and do a little digging about why they are having this behavior, it could be because they are being bullied hence they think they cannot fit in.

4. Their eating habits change.
This can be in two ways, eating a little, if you pack their lunch box, they always come back full and it seems that they never ate a single crumb of bread. If you ask them whether they are hungry they say no and only eat what they like only or say they are full.
OR They can be eating a lot that makes you question whether they are eating because they find comfort in food. They just seem to eat when they are angry or depressed only.

5. They are very emotional.
If you try and talk to them about anything, they start crying, yelling and screaming. If you ask what I wrong, they tell you to leave them alone.
Parents do look out for these five warning signs and if you feel your child cannot talk to you ask someone they are close to talk to them