4 items that will be make you impress on a first date

Going out on a first date always give us headaches and dizzy spells. You have butterflies in your tummy and  you are thinking of the right questions to ask and to stay composed and most of all you want to … Continue reading

4 lipstick shades I am in crazy about this spring.

Lipstick has been there since the 1900s.Lipstick completes every look and makes you look gorgeous.This season, spice things up with a strikingly bold shade of black, blue, rouge-y red, or deep plum with these vampy alternatives sure to make an … Continue reading

10 perfumes i am loving this spring

Perfumes are an essential in every woman’s life. Though it is always fun to experiment by using different perfumes, it is important for every woman to have a signature scent. Designer perfumes are known for their unique mixture, they are … Continue reading