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Saving for a rainy day

rainy day
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I for one find it difficult to save but I know that i have to say for a rainy day. As you grow older you have many responsibilities. One of my resolutions this year was to save as much as possible. For one to actually save, you have try and change your lifestyle as at times one incurs unnecessary expenses and you end up over spending. If you were to ask your role models and parents they would tell you that for them to actually acquire the assets they have today, they had to sacrifice something, for they knew that they had to provide some form of security for their children. On this article i will share a few pointers on how to cut down on your fashion budget.
 Clothes.
There is no need to keep on buying more clothes when your wardrobe is already full. If you are still trying to build your wardrobe, do start with the staple pieces like a classic blazer, jeans and timeless handbags. If you are buying you work wear do not be afraid to splurge as you are likely to wear the clothes for a long time. Also opt for second hand tops, you can spend a lot of money there.
 Shoes
I know most women are addicted to shoes, just do with what you have. Do not buy a new shoe for every event. Make sure you pick the neutral colours so that you do not have problem when you are putting an outfit together.
 Nails
If you can do without them it is fine as you will save close to $480 a year. With this money you can be able to start a small business or use it to pay for your stand instalments or be able to import a car (i.e excluding the shipping fees).
 Hair style
It is always better to buy 100% weaves. If it is $20 a packet you will need 2 for the whole year. Unlike buying weaves every month for $20 x12 months, which is $400 excluding the plaiting fees. You will save a whopping $200.
 Lifestyle
If you are fond of eating out a lot, you can cut it down to once a month. If say you eat a meal of $15 when you go out, and you go out 10 times a month. You will have saved $135. Also carry lunch to work, than having to fork out $3 everyday times 26 days. Also when going grocery shopping make a list so that you do not buy things you do not need.
* TIPs.
 For any money you get, save 10% of that amount.
 Use cash instead of your credit card.
 Never go shopping when you are stressed.
 Only buy what you need than what you want
 Have a savings bank account.

All the best as you save for something worthwhile.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista

The three ways you can look fabulous on a shoe string budget

looking fabulous an a shoe string budget

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Clothes are very essential to a lot of women, but the problem is that, most of us cannot afford to buy clothes for every occasion. Some people have busy lifestyles that require them to buy clothes for every occasion. Today we are going to explore the three options that one can opt for so that, look fabulous on a shoe string budget.
1. The swap party

swap till you drop

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A swap party is when friends gather and swap clothes that they no longer wear. Everyone has that one thing that they do not wear and yet their friend maybe having an eye on. At a swap party you can exchange clothes, handbags and even accessories. Giving away something that you do not use anymore will mean that you will get something new to wear to the next party,    lunch date or dinner date. They are however some certain aspects one has to consider when picking out items for a swap party
• Do not take rags ,you want to leave the party happy and so does the next person
• Take something that you like but you do not wear the next person can wear and use
2. Go vintage and be a vintage vixen.

thrift store

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Thrift stores are relatively cheap as one can get clothes ranging from a $1 to $10. With thrift stores, you can find a very unique item that is either new or that has been worn before. If the clothing item is too big you have an option of taking it to the tailor for alterations and you are guaranteed that you will be the only girl in that stunning outfit.
• Do not buy an item that has too many stains, it will end up costing more as you will have to take it to a dry cleaner.
• Try and get outfits that are your size so that you can cut the expense of involving a tailor
• When going to a thrift shop be patient as they may be a lot of stuff to go through
3. Engage a tailor


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They are occasions where one wants to be the center of attention. In this particular instance you can draw a sketch or cut out a couple of pictures from a magazine. Thereafter you can then go to the tailor and ask for advice on which material is best for that particular design. This option is cheap as you only have to purchase the material then pay the tailor his or her services
• Go with a tailor you are familiar with, you would not want to use someone who will not only mess your design but waste your material.
• Make sure that tailor took the correct measurements, if you want say a long dress wear a shoe with a heel so that they have the correct length that you want
• If you have never used the tailor’s services, insist on looking at that previous work so that you can decide whether you want to use them or not.

So go ahead and explore these three ways of looking fabulous on a shoe string budget…

xoxo Imelda The Fashionista