Petticoat school – Part 1

Elin's Era

For those who don’t know what a petticoat is: In historical contexts (sixteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries), petticoat refers to any separate skirt worn with a gown, bed gown, bodice or jacket; these petticoats are not, strictly speaking, underwear, as they were made to be seen. In both historical and modern contexts, petticoat refers to skirt-like undergarments worn for warmth or to give the skirt or dress the desired fashionable shape. Basically it gave/give your dress or skirt that extra poof.

As you all can imagine there are a huge number and variations on the market with different styles, fabrics, price and color. I would love to tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a good petticoat but I found that the more you spend the more you get in quality and poof.

The wind blew very hard that day and snatched her petticoat away!…

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