My incredible smartphone.

We definitely live in a technologically advanced age. Now we can do all the things we would normally do on our PCs with our phones. The phone has evolved over time, from just being able to phone and receive text messages. However the size has also gradually changed too. When the Nokia 5110s, first hit the market we thought they were so fascinating with their greenish screens and black letters. The only ringing tones I remember were William Tel and Helen they were just #horrible, it was my mother’s first ringing tone. Then there was the ever blinking Ericson that would flash a green light if its battery was full and red when it had a low battery, it just used to freak me out. The size was terrifying and it was heavy and we use to call them “bricks”.
The Nokia 2100s, replaced the bricks, I have to admit that, they were rather cute, much smaller than the bricks. I just didn’t like the key pads; they made so much noise though. If you were to text your friend people would just know you were texting and some would have the nerve to ask either phone or text their friends. After the Nokia phase came the flip up phones, if you did not have one you would feel so left out. I remember one girl at school once called it a flip flop and we laughed at her…
Then ,came the slide phones, the Blackberry torch and Samsung E250 were the ones that people fancied the most. If you were u had a relative in South Africa or abroad that were willing to give you their phones, you would beg them to leave you one so that, you could be able to bling and show your friends that you had swag and a cool phone. As the phones evolved they brought about the elimination of other people’s jobs especially photographers, because now you can just take a selfie and you need not to pay anyone for a photo.
I thank God every day for giving someone the idea of inventing a smart phone, now I can be smart without even trying, it just makes my life so simple and organized and I can never miss a meeting or an appointment. My smart phone is like my personal assistant, it helps me get through the day and not get into trouble with my boss and I can make bank transactions and send money from the comfort of my home…..
I just love the technological advancements that have come with my smart phone.#happyfordays