The wedding checklist every woman should have before attending a wedding.

The wedding season is upon us,as women we want to look fabulous at wedding. Apart from enjoying the wedding, some of us have our mini fashion show where we go to see to see the fashion at the wedding. For one to look good at a wedding, they have to plan their outfit and budget for it. Hence it is important for every fashionista to be abreast with the checklist that comes with wedding outfit planning.
1. The shoes
Once you pick out shoe, you can then build an outfit going up. Suppose you pick a platform shoe, it means you will have to show off your gorgeous shoes, so you will have to pick a short dress, or midi dress. If you are to opt for a dress it will have to be a high low dress so that you can show off your shoes. Jumpsuits are also an option with the platform sky scrapper shoes, they are so fashion forward, but do not opt for cotton jumpsuits, they are not formal enough; rather opt for material, that is a bit heavier. If you pick sandals also show them off, show off those gorgeous legs with a short dress and a glamorous clutch bag.
TIP: Pick a comfortable shoe that you will be able to wear all day.

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2. The Dress
Once you have decided on the shoe, it will be easier to pick the dress. If you picked a gold shoe, you will have to wear a white or green or orange or red dress. These colors compliment gold and they look exquisite and they will make you look like royalty. If you opt for silver, you will have to opt for a plum or purple or lilac or cobalt blue dress. The silver shoe will tone down the dark colors. If you are a fashionista and you go with a bright color shoe, try subtle colors like beige, nude or black. With these neutral colors you can match the shoes and the accessories so as to bring all the attention to the shoes.
TIP: Do not wear the decor colors; you are not part of the bridal party or the decor

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3. Hair and make up
You should know what exactly suits you the most. If you have a round face opt for shorter hairstyle like Chanel. If you have a heart shaped face, opt for longer hairstyle. You can opt for your Brazilian weave or a hairstyle that will complement your look. You should also decide where you want a hairstyle with curls that you will have to comb everyday or one that you will not have to comb every day. Go with minimalist, makeup and never apply face powder without applying you foundation. Go with the red lip if you are daring or a neutral lip gloss.
4. Nails
If you can afford you can go with the timeless French tips and match them with your shoes or dress. Or opt for the stick ons you can opt for a timeless or match them with either your dress or shoes. If you are not fond of nails, file your nails and apply some nail polish, but make sure you dry it so that there will be no smudges.
5. Accessories
These include your clutch bag, your earrings, statement ring, necklace and bangles. For you not to look like a hot mess, opt for four accessories instead of five. The clutch bag is compulsory, so you can then choose to for with the earrings and the statement ring and necklace. However do not make the mistake of wearing chandelier earrings with a chunky necklace and a huge statement ring, one of the items ha to be small.
6. A date
Weddings tend to suck if you go there on your own. However if you have a date, it makes it exciting as you will be having someone to chat and dance with.
7. Cash for a cab.
For those that do not have their own rides, it is better to include cash for a cab in your budget. Just in case you get bored or there is an emergency, you will not need to wait for the wedding entourage to go back home. It will prove to the world that you are an independent woman and you will not have to be desperate for transport.
8.The wedding gift.
Since you will be going to the wedding, it will be polite to by the couple a present. When buying a present, buy something that you will like to receive. As you all know ‘Do unto others and you will want them to do unto you’ Do not by a present for the sake of it, but do make an effort. Wrap it nicely so that it looks presentable, or give them cash if you are not sure what they will like.


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Go out there and rock this August wedding season.
Xoxo the fashionista

What ever happened to good old radio……my first love.

I have always been a huge fan of radio. I have firmly believed that it is one of the most powerful mediums to disseminate information and a form of entertainment. Whilst other children were dreaming of being teachers and nurses, I was dreaming of being a radio presenter, but because my peers never thought it was really a career worth having I also wanted to be a doctor. Radio is probably one of the things that helped me to have a vivid imagination.
Before radio was commercialized, one could easily come back home and unwind with a radio presenter reading a novel on air or to a radio drama or even better a folktale .I remember the first time, I got to know of the book “Umendo” by Barbra Makhalisa was through a radio show. I anticipated the next reading of the book. I would always make me visualize the character in the book and how each of them played a part in the thickening of the plot.
Some people became famous through the 60 minutes of fame on Power Fm. I remember the day my letter was read on air and Leander Kandiero played my 15 favorite songs. It was such an amazing feeling to get to know about other people and know what made them tick and what made them smile and their dreams…

The children also got a big slice of the big cake; they also got to hear folktales on the radio. They did not have to go visit their grandmothers to hear a folktale; they had their “on air” grandmother who was there every day at 4pm to tell them a folktale.I was always one of those children who waited anxiously for the folktales because i loved a good story. Though I knew the stories were not entirely true, I always knew that behind every story there was a lesson. A lesson that was there to make me a better person, for example kindness dominated in most of the stories and now I know why.

Besides the folktales the children were also involved in phone in programmes. Though the idea was to involve children, it was fun to phone in and talk to you favorite DJ, request your favorite song and greeting your friends was the cherry on top.
The older generation got their chance of fame and phone in programme through a popular show on Radio 2 now Radio Zimbabwe, “kwaziso ukubingelelana’’. Back then people were really proud of where they came from and they would write all the information you would want to know about them and they would greet most of their relatives and seal off the letter with a list of their favorite songs that the DJ would later select a few that would be played for the listeners.
Nowadays radio has been commercialized and I feel like radio is there to make money more than educate, entertain and inform. I feel like it has been too modernized and commercialized and where tune in, it is all about either celebrity culture or love or music. Yes we want to keep abreast with the latest news, gossip and trends, but once in a while it wouldn’t be a bad idea to come home to old fashioned programme.

Old fashioned isn’t that bad anyway,you know what they say, the older the berry the sweeter the juice…I am waiting anxiously for the programming of the new radio stations that will start broadcasting in August and others that will start broadcasting in September.# fingerscrossed

in September… #fingerscrossed