My birth certificate ordeal By Imelda Duduzile Moyo My name is Andile Moyo and I am 22 years old. I was born in South Africa and my parents split when I was 5.My parents were cohabitating and my father never paid my mother’s bride price and neither do my maternal relatives know my father. My mother had to send me to Zimbabwe so that I could be raised by my distant maternal aunt Sandisoso that my mother could get a job and support me and cater for all my needs. When I turned five I had to go to school and no school could enroll me with a South African birth certificate and I had to spend another year without going to school and because no one could enroll me, I had to use my cousin’s birth certificate and go to a totally different school so that I would not be caught. When I sat for my grade seven examinations I had to lie and I told my teacher, I had lost my birth certificate and I wrote my grade seven examinations. I passed my grade seven examinations and I went to form one at a local school. My mother passed away when I was thirteen and my dreams of having a birth certificate came crushing down. That is the time I discovered my maternal aunt I was living with was a distant relative and she could not help me obtain a birth certificate. My maternal aunt Sandiso tried to obtain a birth certificate for me but all her effort were in vain because she could not prove how she was related to my mother as they were distant cousins. At that time all my mother’s siblings were in South Africa and with time we lost contact with all of them. When the time came to write my O level examinations, I tried the story I had used when I was in grade seven and this time around, my headmaster would not budge and I had to drop out of school because I knew if I used my cousin’s birth certificate I would be caught and this would be the story of the decade.Dropping out of school meant that I had two choices to stay at home or get a job and since I could not get a job I had to stay at home and help with the household chores and this really broke my heart. About 3 years after dropping out of school I got in contact with my maternal aunt who could prove that she was my mother’s sibling. This was an enormous breakthrough but I had no know how of the next step to take next. A friend of mine told me about child line and I went to their offices to seek assistance. When I got to Childline, they referred me to Trinity Project where they assisted my by giving legal advice and giving me the money to go and register .I have since registered with the help of my aunt and I am waiting to go and collect my birth certificate. Next year, I am going back to school and I intend to write my examinations in November. I will have a bright future, thanks to Trinity Project.

Five warning signs that your child is in trouble

Children are indeed the sweetest beings on earth and childhood memories are one of the most precious memories that we possess. Children can be naughty and go off track but it is the duty of the parent to monitor their child’s behavior and find out the root cause of why they are behaving in that certain manner. However there are five warning signs that you should look out for in your children that are red flags that your child is in trouble and be ready. suggests that you play detective and look closely at your child’s actions and the factors that might be driving them.

Image courtesy of health.usnews.comkid in trouble
1. They are violent.
All of a sudden they are very violent. When you try to have a conversation with them they want to beat you up. If they are playing with their friends or siblings and they disagree on something, they want to solve everything with being violent.
2. They are extremely quiet.
Your children do not want to have any conversation about anything with anyone; they cut themselves from the rest of the world. They just keep to themselves and focus on nothing but themselves. . Dr. Phil says this is a red flag. If your teen starts withdrawing from you or your spouse, there’s a reason. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to identify what’s behind the change.

3. They withdraw themselves from the rest of the world.
They never want to go anywhere, they became housebound. If you mention going out they throw tantrums and they do not want to go to play dates, sports or visit relatives. Be worried and try and do a little digging about why they are having this behavior, it could be because they are being bullied hence they think they cannot fit in.

4. Their eating habits change.
This can be in two ways, eating a little, if you pack their lunch box, they always come back full and it seems that they never ate a single crumb of bread. If you ask them whether they are hungry they say no and only eat what they like only or say they are full.
OR They can be eating a lot that makes you question whether they are eating because they find comfort in food. They just seem to eat when they are angry or depressed only.

5. They are very emotional.
If you try and talk to them about anything, they start crying, yelling and screaming. If you ask what I wrong, they tell you to leave them alone.
Parents do look out for these five warning signs and if you feel your child cannot talk to you ask someone they are close to talk to them