Valentines day outfit ideas

In as much as lot of men do not believe in Valentines’ day as they believe that it Is a waste of time and money. Some men even go to the extent of ending relationships because of Valentines’ day, whilst some just disappear into thin air. Love is such a beautiful thing that should be celebrated every day, but valentines has been marked the official day for celebrating love. Single or attached, I believe that everyone should celebrate and celebrating comes with needing outfits to compliment the day

Though the colours are known to be red, black and white, one can always break the rules and wear which ever colour they please. All you have to do is to plan with your partner or your friends where you will celebrate this day

Not being a typical traditional valentine lady, the idea is to shine like a diamond and look spectacular.

LOOK 1: Non Traditional

outfit skirt.jpg  OR                             3d754c2df1558b2d74fe214d43578d78.jpg

Striped black and white skirt, cobalt blue vest, cobalt blue necklace, watch,  a tote bag and stilettoes. This look has black and white and not red, but it is something different. You can rock t going out for this look when you are going out for lunch with you partner and friends. Whilst you are at it making sure you order some ice cream, because with that outfit you definitely deserve

LOOK 2: Elegant

294542d14cf507020fc47ec84a2f736f.jpg  OR  60499525883bd9a7f3fb9a9f0e053602.jpg

A dress or jumpsuit, be it black or printed, red stilettoes, clutch bag, earrings, a watch or a classy bracelet. You can even opt for a floor length evening gown if you are going for dinner so that you look classy. This outfit would be perfect when you are going out for a dinner with your partner or with your friends if you are single. What you want to do is to turn heads and make women wish they were you and for men to wish they were with you.

LOOK 3: Relaxed

outfit'.jpg OR outfit..jpg OR outfit...

Jeans, white t-shirt, sandals, sling bag, sun glasses. This is a more relaxed look, for a braai with friends. You want to be comfortable but still look stylish and have fun. So go out there and have fun.

LOOK 4: Classy

998609_597027366986992_1226006377_n.jpg OR Maxi-Dress-Outfits-by-Stylish-Eve_11.jpg

Maxi dress, wedges or sandals, a classy handbag, sunglasses, a classy hairstyle. Some ladies will be lucky enough to be introduced to their in laws this Valentines’ day so you definitely have to look the part and not be judged or compared to the EX.

Remember to go minimalist on the makeup and do not forget to apply some perfume before you leave the house.

GO ahead and look spectacular.

xoxo Imelda the fashionista.

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