The Smart Money Woman, An Awakening

A must read book!!!

Mind of Amaka

I’ve honestly always been money conscious. By money conscious, I mean stingy. Jokes! I’ll give when I am led, but for the most part, I don’t like spending my own money (like many sane people). My first experience with money was getting a job at a deli. I’d reached an age where I realised one thing: I was broke, and asking my money for money to cover my various wants wasn’t going to cut it. So, I took to a classified ads website, and threw my application left and right. At the end of the day, I finally had a job.

I remember when the realisation hit me that I’d gotten the job. I went in early for the interview, and the lady was so nice. It was a family owned store, and so I guess you could say things were tightly knit and comfortable. I was going to be…

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