Summer 2018 trend predictions.

Like everyone else, I am looking forward to summer. Its good bye to the horrible cold weather and it’s time for lots of sun. The summer trends I am hoping to see are;

  1. Stripes


They were all over the run way. I am hoping to see, this trend all over from pants to dresses to blazers, and I will also get to recycle and rock my vintage Daniel Hetcher striped blazer lol.

  1. Lots of colour

colour palette office.jpg

Spring like summer tends to have lots of colour. I am looking forward to all sorts of colours from pastel colours to neon and earthy colours. Dressing up for weddings, cocktails, picnics, work, and lunch with the girls and dates will fun. I am going to try and rock yellow this season and calming blue shades for those days when I need to calm down.

  1. Flats


With the hot weather and your feet swelling, I am hoping to see amazing designs of sandals ,pumps and slippers that are not only comfy but breath taking to look at.

  1. Bralettes/ Bra tops


These are lingerie-like pieces were paired with evening skirts, cropped jeans, slinky suits. The beautiful cropped up tops are expected to blow up during the next year. The privilege of these tops is that they can be worn either under a nice shirt or solely.

  1. 80s fashion


With the 80s you had to go big or go home, I am expecting to see polka dots, lots of boho inspired pieces. The essence of the new ’80s redux really lies in after-dark wares. You probably won’t find much of the mood filtering into daywear, but when it comes to going out, there’s much to play with, from silhouette-enhancing nipped waists fastened with giant belts to flirty hemlines balanced out by big shoulders. Crystal earrings and sky-high stilettos are key

  1. See through pieces


I am looking forward to see through pieces. You can be a rebel and show a bit of skin or opt for see through pieces that show off your banging spring body but in a subtle manner, showing just a bit.

  1. Florals


They are there on every runway every spring so I know they will definitely be there. Big and small, they should all come back, they are summery


Let’s all go out there and conquer summer with everything we have…Happy summer!!!!

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