Dressing up this festive season.

With less than 2 months before 2017 comes to an end, events will start pouring in and you have to be prepared so that you end 2017 with a bang with amazing photos and a lifetime of memories. If you do not have the appropriate dress, then you will definitely have an excuse to shop and spoil yourself. There are a number of events that will happen but the common ones you have to attend are;

  1. Cocktail parties

50s dress (2).jpg

For these events you have to bring the tail in cock by bring out your most glamorous LBD or cocktail dress that makes you feel like a super star. The long elegant dresses are not ideal for this event, you have to show off your legs and your heels at this event, so short dresses only.

  1. Office parties


Since your boss is likely to be there, you have to be dress modestly and still have to be professional but stylist. Rather opt for a fitted shift dress that’s is colourful and strappy heels to give your outfit a glamourous feel and not the stiff office look

  1. Dinner parties

8d154f28f7f3ea28d42c1a4b3ca8ed09 DRESS.jpg

Since most of us like going out, dinners are usually very popular in December. It is always ideal to go all out, especially if you want to look on point. There are a lot of options but long dresses are the way to go, they just ooze class and ever woman will be turning green with envy.

  1. Awards

sandra bullock dress.jpg

With awards you have to be red carpet ready and also photo shoot ready, you do not want to end up in the worst dressed list. You have to pull out the pull out the big guns and get the best dress, make up that will only enhance your beauty and gorgeous shoes.

  1. Engagement parties


Love is always in the air in December and when our friends throw engagement parties, it is always the perfect opportunity to dress up and look on point. You have to make an effort especially if you know you will want to take photos with the couple. You do not want to look at the photos after a couple of years and cringe and wish you had made a better fashion decision. Opt for something that matches the dress code, if it’s high end like a black tie, make sure you oblige, by dressing up according to the dress code. If there is no dress code, just make sure you look glamorous and camera worth.

  1. Lobola negotiations

vintage dress.jpg

With this you have to make sure you dress modestly and a head wrap is a definite must have. A midi dress is ideal, just in case you have to sit on the reed mat, it has to be just below the knees and it should have sleeves.

  1. Meeting the parents


If you have decided to take the relationship to the next level and he has asked you to meet the parents. You have to show up looking on point. No tight clothes because you do not want to make the wrong impression. Rather opt for a skater dress that has round neck that will not show off your cleavage and with sleeves or wear a cardigan. Remember to smile

Go forth and rock your different frocks for different occasions.


Imelda The Fashionista


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