5 figure fixers, no dieting or exercising required


We all want to look slim and trim and show off our gorgeous bodies, but some of us are lazy to exercise no matter how much we hear the “you will be healthier and you will be fit song”. These 5 figure fixers will help you have a banging body without exercising no even once;

  1. If you want create the illusion that you have hips


If you are petite and you want to create the illusion that you have bigger hips, buy dresses or skirts that have vertical stripes, you will look voluptuous with bigger hips because of the stripes.

  1. If you want to have a bust


If you have a flat chest and you want to give your flat chest a boost, wear flouncy blouses, that have pleats or ruffles or bows or any detail that will add volume onto your chest to make you seem like you have a b cup than an a cup…Also buy padded bras they will enhance your flat chest.

  1. If you want to hide full hips


Opt for tightly waisted full skirts that are above the knee or longer. A wide hemline will make your waist look tiny, whilst the swishy pleated skirts skims over curvy hips.

  1. If you want a tiny waist


If you want a tiny waist, just slip your belt below your rib cage. Wear your wide belt on a top or a fitted coat but keep it proportional to your height.

  1. Flatter a plus size figure with structured looks


Do not make the mistake of covering up in shapeless clothes, they will create the illusion that you are heavier than you are. Rather opt for structured pieces, that include, shift dresses, blazers, pencil skirts and slacks. These pieces will create a graceful shape and it will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

So go on and cheat your way into a banging body, but remember you still have to exercise so that you will be fit and healthy.

XOXO Imelda The Fashionista.

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