How to dress up for a high tea

high teAA

Pastel colored china tea cups with gold rimming and cutlery polished out on a long table with floral arrangements and golden platters with dainty cupcakes, thick cake slices, fruit jams to go with the icing sugar dusted scones and cubes of sugar stacked ready for a dip in an aromatic tea cup.

A high tea is a graceful event which is governed by a complex set of rules and etiquette. A high tea embodies the freedom to choose the best of ourselves. Through the act of making a cup of tea and taking the moment to appreciate the aroma before taking a sip, we learn to value the simple luxuries of life.


High teas recently hit Zimbabwe and since there are still quite new, some of us may not know exactly how to dress up for a high tea. High teas are a classy affair as you get to recognize art and beauty in everyday life, we find harmony with our world and discover that peace can be found in a teacup.

Except for the fact that high teas enable you to get together, inspire each other, hang out and drink tea, the bonus is that you get to dress up. On that note high tea regalia has to be cool and breezy and dark colors are a no go zone. If you go for pastel colours and cool floral prints then you won’t go wrong. However you have to be careful because everything you wear has to be classy and formal. The 5 fashion items you should wear are;

  1. Dress


The dress should be classy, in an appropriate length, below the knee to be precise, not ill fitting and in your favourite color.

  1. Blazer/Jacket

mr price jacket

Jackets and blazers always scream, ‘I have got this” when you walk into a room. Blazers portray you as someone who knows what they are doing and people will take you seriously, hence a blazer at a high tea is a must.

  1. Classy shoes

pr heelss

Shoes are a woman’s best friend but to a high tea you have to go for the pair that is comfortable yet classy. Wedges and clogs are a No No!! because they are chunky. You can opt for court shoes that have a reasonable heel.

  1. A hat or a fascinator


You can opt for a hat or a fascinator whatever tickles your fancy. Either of these will be the cherry on top for your outfit.

  1. A clutch bag


For your small titbits a clutch bag is a must. No lady should be caught without sanitary wear, hand lotion, perfume, car keys, house keys, identification information such as an I.D and drivers license and most importantly credit cards. There is nothing that beats opening that clutch bag and footing the bill.

To top it off, a spritz of feminine perfume, and your favourite shade of lipstick and a hand lotion.

So go forth and enjoy the high tea with the ladies.


Imelda The Fashionista

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