7 fashion items that can boost your confidence this summer.

March has international day, and it’s one of the most important days in the calendar particularly for women’s. This month, I want to help you boost your confidence by using fashion A lot of women do not consider fashion to be something that can boost their confidence. Fashion has been there for ages and I believe it is high time women from Zimbabwe started looking it from a different perspective. Though some may view fashion as a get rich quick scheme or something that is just a waste of time, I want to urge all the women in Zimbabwe to start taking the aspect of fashion seriously. If we all wear clothes that are made locally, we can all contribute the growth of our economy. That way, we can all support the local fashion industry and a play a part in cutting down on the unemployment rate.

Over the years we have seen fashion take centre stage in other countries and it’s high time we did the same. People tend to judge people by the way they dress and trust me, no matter how good, bubbly or incredible  you maybe, your character will be over-shadowed by the way you dress. If you are a working woman and you dress like you are going to a party, your colleagues will not take you serious as you clearly will not have earned their respect.

I for one consider working women to be the most influential beings on this planet and they need to ooze confidence where ever they go and the starting point is to dress appropriately. Most of them are role models because probably they lead lives we wish we had or careers we are dying for, and it is high time they inspired us in a fashionable way.

For one to have confidence, it all starts from the mind and then glows to the outside. The first step is to know who you are and believe it, because if you do not believe it no one else will. Women have to bear in mind and tell themselves, that they are beautiful before some else does. This will entail that, it will not come as a shock to them and they will already be knowing that they are beautiful. When that is settled then you can then  look at their figure and appreciate the body God gave you and then research on what clothing suits your body shape

There are 7 fashion items that I consider to be confidence boosters are;

  1. Blazers

mr price jacket

Every woman wants to be taken seriously at work. To achieve this, always wear a blazer and not a cardigan to meetings. Remember how they insisted that you wear blazers to club meetings in High School or would pay a fine. They meant well because, they were preparing you for the future. The blazer, not only makes you look formal but also to be taken seriously and makes you look like someone who is down for serious business.

2. High Heeled shoes

pr classyy

Studies have shown that men tend to want to help women in high heeled shoes as they look powerful. No matter the size of the heel high heeled shoes are just sexy. However buy shoes that you feel comfortable in if you can walk in sky scrapper heels then opt for them, they are incredibly sexy and they make every woman turn green with envy .Wedges are another option very stylish and very comfortable make sure you buy the pair that would have caught your eye first. . Kitten heels are also another option buy them in a bold colour as they are very cute and stylish to look at.

3.Classy handbag


Just like shoes are like diamonds to women, handbags are also vying for the same spot. Handbags have become an irreplaceable trend. The trick is to buy that handbag you love and that you will probably carry for the next couple of years. If you want to invest in a statement piece then go ahead and do so .The whole idea is to get compliments and in that way it will boost your confidence that you have an eye for fashion

 4. A Shift dress

shift dress.jpg

This is a timeless and versatile piece as one can wear it to work and for a date after work. Just make sure that you get the dress in the right size, not too small or too big. The dress has to fit you like a glove so that you can accentuate your best features and for you to be comfortable. Make sure you get it in a right colour for example red, and this colour just makes everyone just look amazing and  Bill Blass once said when you are in doubt, wear red.

5. Embellished Clutch  bag


A clutch bag is every hand’s best friend and if it is embellished the better. Most women are like princesses and they love a bit of bling. This fashion item is ideal for weddings, cocktail parties, dates and so on and so forth. This bag will go a long way in boosting your confidence as you will definitely get compliments for the bag

6.Red lipstick

red lipstick.jpg

Red lipstick has been in fashion for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mother always had red lipstick and it has always gone a long way in boosting my confidence.  The trick is to apply it too much, because you will end up looking like make up on a clown gone wrong, so just try and be as minimalist as you can .That way you will look classy and trust me, women around you, will wish they were you and men will wish they were with you.

  1. A watch.


Watches are also a timeless accessory, opt for a smaller watch if you are going to wish, but if feel bold, you can opt for the bold watches .They look expensive and they are not only fashionable but they are on trend.

Never worry about the price, consider it an investment. You will always be on time and never be late any appointments and dates. You will not only look chic but classy as well


So go ahead, BE BOLD FOR CHANGE, let your hair down and get your confidence back and look at fashion from a different perspective and be confidently chic.


Xoxo Imelda The Fashionista.

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