10 handy ways to save money on your clothes in 2017

saving money on clothes


Image courtesy of thelatinahomemaker.com

To most women clothes are like diamonds, a girl’s best friend. Though most of the times we hide our shopping from our better halfs and besties because we know that they will complain that we are spending more than we should. Clothes not only make you ooze with confidence and look on point but they can be very expensive and throw you off budget and in some cases you may end up drowning in debt. 2016 has come and gone and 2017 is your year to save on your clothes and these 10 handy ways will helps you save lots of bucks. These include;

  1. Red hanger sale

The SALE sign makes most women’s adrenaline rush…Don’t we all love those billboards and placards signs written in bold SALE 50% OFF ON ALL SELECTED PRODUCTS,HURRY WHILST STOCKS LAST. If you can get clothes that you need you would have lots of money. Always keep track of sales by subscribing to the emailing list of the departmental store so that you are always on the loop about future sales so that you budget for your shopping and save a couple of bucks.

  1. Vintage buys

Thrift stores are relatively cheap as one can get affordable clothes. With thrift stores, you can find a very unique item that is either new or that has been pre-loved. If the clothing item is too big you have an option of taking it to the tailor for alterations and you are guaranteed that  you will be the only girl in that stunning outfit.

  1. Befriend a tailor

They are occasions that call for one to be the center of attention. In such situations you can draw a sketch or cut out a couple of pictures from a magazine. Thereafter you can then go to the tailor and ask for advice on which material is best for that particular design. This option is cheap as you only have to purchase the material then pay the tailor his or her services or you can always be their lab rat and you get your dream gown and they advertise using you or up their sewing skills.

  1. Drop the trend queen card

Trends come and go, but your own style last forever. If you are a trend queen you will spend lots of money and you will end up eyeballs in debt. If you’re constantly buying the latest trends and then not wearing them for long, are they really that cheap? Instead of falling for fast fashion, only buy trendy items that you genuinely like and that fit with your style which means you save. Who knows, other people’s fashion moment might become one of your wardrobe staples.

  1. Accessorize

Accessories are the cherry on top of every outfit. They are there to spice up any outfit so that it oozes with glamour and peonage. Accessories look great if they are worn right and if you pile them up you might just end up looking like the long lost cousin of the Christmas tree. Even with a minimalist wardrobe, you can mix up your look every day and look as fabulous as you want to be. A scarf, a pair of earrings, wrist watch, bangles, rings, sunglasses can take you look from drab to fab in an instant. However you have to have the right accessories to ace any outfit, make women turn green with envy and save a couple of bucks.


  1. Buy what you can afford

In simple words stay away from labels you can’t afford. Yes I admit a pair red bottom Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choos are a crown to every woman’s closet but stay away from them if you pay check doesn’t allow it. Instead have a picture of them in your vision board that way you get inspired with losing a chunk of cash you don’t have. Go and shop in Chain stores that offer quality clothing for way less and you could save yourself from drowning from debt. If you cannot afford to take your clothes to the dry cleaner then avoid clothing that requires you to take to the dry cleaner every time you wear it. If you’re buying items that need to be dry-cleaned, you’re going to keep paying for them long after you get home from the store. It adds up fast. Instead of dry-clean only, try to find clothes that have a fancy look and feel, look for clothes that can be tossed into the washer and still look grand.

  1. Shop at the end of the season

At the end of all seasons they are sales to clear old stock for a brand new season. Clothing is relatively affordable and you can save a couple of bucks and get amazing clothing for the next season. Buying off season usually gets you better deals than buying what’s hot and trendy right now, price-wise. If you shop for what’s not happening, you’ll get a much better price. Sure, it might feel weird to buy a sweater when it’s nearly triple digits outside, but it’ll save you some cool cash.

Tip: On these sales only buy basics that won’t go out of fashion so that you will be able to wear them on the next season.


  1. Buy basics

Everywoman’s wardrobe should have basics for example jeans, black slacks, blazers, an LBD, vests, don’t bother shelling out for a brand name. Have you ever heard the saying that only a few can tell a real diamond from a fake one? The same goes for clothes chain stores can offer good quality clothes and you have to look for them. No one’s going to see it, and it’s probably not going to last long and will save you lots of money

  1. Rent clothes

If you cannot afford new clothes for dinner parties you can rent a dress for a fraction of the price of the dress you would have bought it for. You can also rent from your friends and you guys can make a system that works for you and it saves you money and you look like the million bucks that you are.

  1. Budget, budget and stick to your budget

Whenever you go out shopping, always write down your budget and what exactly you want to buy, that way you will not stray from your budget.

Tip: Buy using cash only that way you will know how much you have spent on your clothes and you will know where you can cut down next time.

With these ways you can save a lot of money and who knows what you could invest on…Happy saving and here is to looking good and having an ever better looking account.

Xoxo The Fashionista



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