Revamp your home office


Working from home can be both a blast and a nightmare for others. Working from home eliminates the dressing up aspect that most women love. The best part of dressing up can be either putting on their high heels so that they conquer the world or their favorite dress that makes you feel like a million bucks or favorite shade of lipstick that makes you ooze with confidence. Having a home office is ideal if you want to be your own boss or if you tend to take work home.

Though taking work home is never fascinating, at times you have to so that you meet deadlines and climb the corporate ladder. Your home office has to set a conducive atmosphere that will enable you to work and concentrate, meet that deadline and finish off that assignment you will be dreading.s

The best thing about setting a home office is that you can go shopping which most women love… There are 5 things to bear in mind when thinking of a home office,

  1. The desk


Working from the couch can be very uncomfortable and you can easily be destructed. Get a gorgeous desk that is big enough for your laptop and your files. The desk has to be neat and it has to have drawers for storage space.

  1. Comfy chair

royal-office-chair or images_096.jpg    or office-vintage-chairs

Whether you opt for a grand chair that is like your throne and makes you feel like a queen that you are. Or an office chair with wheels that enables you to move around the room without standing up or an antique chair that takes you back in time. Your choice is what matters at the end of the day, because you will be sitting on that chair so it has to be as comfy as possible. However do not be too comfy, or you will fall asleep. You are there to work and not to snuggle.

  1. Lamp

office lamp.jpg

A lamp is important to have in your home office as it will enable you to see whatever you will be working on and the bonus being that it’s a cute accessory to have on your office desk

  1. Things that inspire you

office mood board.jpg

These can be Inspirational pics or a mood board .Photos that inspire you will motivate you to finish that assignment. These pictures can include your family or that bmw you have been dreaming of driving for years, or that house by the beach or the holiday destination that you have been saving to travel to for years. These photos will get you on a work groove and get motivational quotes that will motivate you to keep on working towards your goals…You know what they say, ‘’you have to work like a slave before you can become a queen.’’

  1. Colour scheme

colour palette office.jpg

Opt for colors that make your brain to think and focus like neutral colors and bright colors for cushions and files so that you have a pop of Colour so that it does not look too boring or like a photocopy of your work office.

TIP: Get as much storage space as possible so as to avoid clutter making your office chic and squeaky clean. If you can afford a couch, it is handy when you have colleagues that come over for a brainstorming session so that you get work done.

Happy revamping and enjoy shopping for your home office.

Xoxo The Fashionista


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