4 items that will be make you impress on a first date

Going out on a first date always give us headaches and dizzy spells. You have butterflies in your tummy and  you are thinking of the right questions to ask and to stay composed and most of all you want to show up to the date looking on point, so as to capture your date’s attention and hopefully get a second date.

  1. Fitted jeans


Believe it or not, comfort is key and jeans look good on every woman. Find the right jeans for your shape and that will fit your body like a glove.

  1. A blazer


To contrast the jeans wear a blazer so as to project some level of being serious but being fun and playful as well

  1. A white t shirt


Believe it or not men feel comfortable being around a woman who is in a t-shirt. They know that you are easy to approach and it will be easy to have a conversation with. Do not wear t-shirt with any tag lines, they might give out the wrong message about you.

  1. Heels


You still want to be comfortable and lady like do not opt for the sky scrapper you might bring out the impression that you are high maintenance. Opt for midi heels, they are sexy and comfy, just what you need to impress on your first date and jump into the dating scene.

With these items I guarantee you that you will nail any date.

Xoxo The Fashionista


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