Nail your manicure this spring.

The 21st century brought about a new revolution in the manicure scene and the motto is the brighter the better. Chipped nail polish and ungroomed nails are a sight for sore eyes. There are many preferences when it comes to your nails, you can opt for the stick on nails and tips which require one to use glue to stick the artificial nails, naturals where you just apply nail polish on your natural nails and the convenient press on nails that have glue and you press on to your nails.

The trends to try out this spring are;

  1. French manicure


Do not only use white, they are other colors, and do a French mani with a twist to keep up with the spring trends.

  1. Metallic


They never go out of fashion, they add glamour to every outfit. Try experimenting with gold, silver, bronze and emerald.

  1. Nude


Nude is class and it’s a shade that you can take from day to night.

  1. Stiletto nails


These nails stand out, they are edgy, trendy and they are very pretty. They are gorgeous in all colors, whether they are bright colors or pastel, they will still be cute.


  • Apply at least 3 coats so that your manicure lasts longer
  • Show off your mani when you are carrying your clutch bag

There is nothing I adore than a well done manicure when you are typing, show off your nails this spring and nail your manicure this spring.

Xoxo The Fashionista


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