4 lipstick shades I am in crazy about this spring.

Lipstick has been there since the 1900s.Lipstick completes every look and makes you look gorgeous.This season, spice things up with a strikingly bold shade of black, blue, rouge-y red, or deep plum with these vampy alternatives sure to make an impact. The 4 shades are I am crazy about this spring are;

  1. Red lipstick….Bold ,sexy and confident

Red lipstick has been a hit in the silver screen since the 1920s and it can hold a man’s attention for ten seconds. Red lipstick always makes a statement. It is a must have this spring, on trend and red hot.

red lipstick.jpg

image courtsey of http://www.harpersbazzar.com

Tip: Be precise when choosing a shade and know your skin tone so that you will get the best lipstick.

  1. Plum

plum lipstick.jpg

image courtsey of cosmopotalian.co.uk

Plum lipstick is vibrant and edgy and this shade is perfect for warm skin tones.

  1. Pink…pops

fuschia lipstick.jpg

image courtsey of goodhousekeeping.com

Almost every woman loved pink at some point of their lives because it is pretty and FIERCE!!Pink violets is perfect on dark skin and if you have fair skin go for the brightest pink.

  1. Nude


image courtsey of bestproduct.com

Nude always gives a semi matte with a glossy finish. However, nude lipstick can wash you out if you go too pale.

These 4 shades are a must have for me this spring and I know for a fact they will make me ooze with confidence and i can pout with confidence knowing that i have a gorgeous lipstick shade.

Xoxo The Fashionista


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