The 7 Fashion No Nos for 2016

With a couple of months into the new year, everyone has almost got a feel of the new year and they have jotted down what they want to achieve in 2016.2015 did come to an end with a bang and it came with some trends that should have gone out with a bang as well. These are

  1. Crop tops

A very popular trend in 2015 and always worn wrong in most cases. Crop tops have to go whether neon or with prints they were just a sight for sore eyes.

 crop top.jpg

  1. Jeggings

They are some very fashionable jeggings but they are some that look like stockings. You can see a panty line and in many cases, the color of the lingerie. Really ladies, jeggings especially the light ones have to go. Whatever happened to loving denim, it is more descent as well.


  1. Ill-fitting clothes

In 2015 it was as if the fashion nightmare early 2000 nigga style of baggy clothes came creeping into our lives. The black t shirt with a leather trimming was the worst trend of them all. The best words to describe them was CATASTROPHE!!


  1. Neon



This trend only looks good on gym clothes ONLY!!. Neon is just too bright and really blinding and you have to admit that it, always makes your eyes sore.


  1. Vintage

Vintage always looks great when worn right and when you can tell the period in which the trend falls into. If you cannot identify which era the fashion item falls into then it is nothing but an antique and it should at least be worn with new piece  ,if not it will end up looking like the wardrobe of the costumes worn by the creepy zombies from the Michael Jackson song Thriller.


  1. Harem pants

harem pants.jpg

Most guys will agree with me on this one, harem pants are comfortable but they are not attractive at all. They look like pajamas and honestly, if you are not Hammer man and Aladdin just don’t look at them. They are a fashion hell no.


  1. Weaves that look like wigs

Weaves look good if you take good care of them. However you should have it for too long otherwise, it will end up looking like a wig gone wrong.


They are other trends that should have not have seen 2016 but these were on top of the chats for me.


Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.


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