10 Men’s style no nos for 2016


Men’s fashion does not really change much and so does their style. However some men keep certain trends for way too long and they end up being left holding on to trends that have become extinct from the face of this earth. The ten things to be shunned by men in 2016 are;

  1. Afros


These hairstyles are so 90s let them just die a natural death. Most of the afros are so disgusting, you just want to throw up when you see them .We love seeing them in the 80s and 90s photos in real life they are nothing but a nightmare.

  1. Goatee beards


Yuck best describes these beards. Everyone seems to have one these days, and they are nothing but scruffy and disgusting. A definite must not have. You can literally hear your heart break when you see one. Eeeeeew.

  1. Slippers in town.

Slippers have never looked good on men especially the leather ones. Men tend to wear them religious and they looking frumpy and they get a fashion hell no. No Chinese ‘’bmw’’ slippers that always look like they will swallow you whole.

  1. Unidentified style

You never know which era they have walked out of. Men kindly do not confuse us in 2016, clearly define your style. No safety shoes with jeans and a blazer please or the fashion police will give you a tag written don’t ever wear that again.

  1. Accessories

Keep them simple, no chucky necklaces or rings that look like you bought them from a drug lord. Keep it simple.

  1. Three quarter pants with long socks and sneakers.

No shorts should be worn with socks. It just looks so wrong, it is nothing but a fashion disaster. Rather opt for secret socks, they look a bit better.

  1. Caps

I love what what caps have to go, they just look so cheap and you end up not knowing whether they are part of a uniform or not.

  1. Statement t-shirts



Statement t shirts with crappy messages are a no no.

  1. A wardrobe made solely of t shirts.

T shirts should be complemented by shirt in every wardrobe. If you want to make it, buy shirts and say good bye to your t-shirts.

  1. Plaiting

Some men go to the extent of plaiting the most bizarre hairstyles. No to plaiting we plead in 2016.

Adios amigos to these styles.

Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.


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