Update your man’s style in 2016

Some men literally live in the dark ages or they suffer from a style identity. You really do not know what his style is and every time you try and get through, access is always denied. This year, if you do not understand you man’s style try and update it with these pointers.

classic man
1. Crisp white shirt.
Crisp white shirts are a must have. If he has the dull faded white shirt, then they have to go. White shirts make any man look like a classic man.
2. Suit
If your man can get a custom made suit the better, if not then go with him when he is going suit shopping and make sure he gets the right sizes. Black, charcoal and navy blue suits make any man look like he means business. Ill-fitting suits are a sight for sore eyes.
3. Watch
Every man should own a watch, preferably one with a leather band .Watches are classy and a must have accessory for every man.
4. Signature scent

men's perfume
Every man should have a signature scent. He can experiment on a couple of scents but he should choose one signature scent that will represent him as a man.
5. Grooming

Grooming is essential if any man wants to land their dream job. A clean haircut and shaving is essential. Men usually do not care but honestly having a groomed man can score points for any man either with your friends and your family.
6. His style should be adaptable
You man’s style should be adaptable. He should be able to go to a meeting, go to a presentation, go out for lunch with you, dinner with clients and still look sharp and like a man who knows what he is doing. Baggy ripped jeans and crappy statement t shirts are a no no.
7. A man bag
A man bag is in most cases a laptop bag where he can put everything he will need for the day that is his laptop, tablet and a couple of his flat files.
8. Overnight bag

overnight bag
Every man should own an overnight bag, it is manlier than a trolley case. Men always travel light and an overnight bag is a definite style upgrade.
9. A grooming regiment.
Men should have a grooming regiment, when they shave and cut their hair and when they use cleansers so that they have clean glowing skin.No goatie beards please!!
10. Personal style.
Personal style usually goes with one’s character, thus choose well. Always remember a look can tell the next person what type of a person you are.
Go forth and update your man’s style and have fun doing it. He may be reluctant at first but he will finally give in.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista


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