Four tips to help keep your tires in good shape.

One should never underestimate the importance of good tires. Tires are there to support the weight of your car, absorb road shocks so as to increase comfort, transmit traction and braking forces and the steering helps to change the tire angles. Good tires are a guarantee of not only a safe trip but a comfortable ride. Here are four tips to keep your tires in shape.


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1. The balancing act
This act ensures safe driving; balanced wheels guarantee a steady ride and prolong the life of your tires. It is advised to balance your tires every time you have tires fitted or removed. To keep your cars balanced you must never drive through pot holes or scrap the wheel rim on the curb.
2. Check pressure
Check this at least once a month .The pressure of your wheels should just be right; you can look at it from the way you would buy your LBD, just the right size, not too big or too small. With your tires, proper inflation is pivotal this is because, proper inflation prolongs tire life and you get the best performance from your tires. Over inflated tires tend to wear out easily and can cause instability, as the tire can’t soak up bumps or the debris. Under inflated tires overheat easily that can damage the tire’s internal construction leading to tire bursts which can lead to fatal accidents and tires are more susceptible to damage from road hazards and curbing.
3. Do not overload your vehicle highlight that, located on the placard on your door frame is information on how much vehicles can safely handle. Refer to the owner’s manual for correct tire pressures with a load. If this isn’t available, a good tip is to add 3 per square inch (psi) to both tires until the correct figure can be obtained from your dealer.
4. Take note of your thread
Take note of your thread, according to they highlight that, In fact; the legal tread depth limit in South Africa is a minimum of 1mm across the entire circumference of the tire. Change your tires when it is less than 3 to 4 mm. The greatest danger with worn out tires is skidding when it is wet or icy as they do not grip. You are not only putting your life in danger but everyone on the road. When it is raining there is a greater stopping distance and a greater risk of hydroplaning. Thus, all drivers are encouraged to change your tires every 6000km -10000km
Keep your tires in good shape and safe driving

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