january disease
This has become a very famous phrase with Zimbabweans. With the Christmas mood almost in full swing, people are bound to start their over spending habits. Of course there is the Christmas spirit of wanting to give, but you have to consider your budget. I know some think they have more because they have got their bonuses and a double salary always makes people go haywire.

1. Budget Budget Budget!
Treat December like every other month during the year. First budget and pay your tithe and for your utilities so that you can have water and electricity in January. Also buy the basics so that you do not starve in January. Also pay for your insurance, that is medical, funeral and car insurance.

2. Pay school fees first.
Schools fees is a priority if you have children that are still in primary and high school. There is nothing as embarrassing and humiliating than being sent home for non-payment of fees. After paying school fees make sure you buy books and uniforms so avoid the hassle and long queues just before schools open.

3. Spend within your means
If you can only afford to buy one chicken then so be it. Do not over spend on unnecessary expenses. Prioritize the needs and the wants. If it a want then it can wait, if you cannot afford to buy the expensive toy car then don’t. Save rather than splurge.

4. Cut the unnecessary expenses.
Cutting on unnecessary expenses mean cutting on the vegetables that you won’t eat or that expensive cake you are planning on buying for the kids or the very expensive PlayStation that you cannot afford right now. If you cannot afford to travel then don’t, it will save you a lot of money.

5. Next year plan early for Christmas.
When 2016 kick starts, and you want to have a lavish December holiday, that is if you want to travel to Victoria Falls or Matopo or overseas. Plan and start saving as soon as possible for the trip or party or whatever you will be having in mind.

Be free from the January disease in 2016 and the years to come.


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