How to recover from making a horrible first impression

Making a horrible first impression can be daunting, draining and nerve wrecking .You get all sweaty and nervous and the only thing that will be going through your mind is perfection and more perfection .If you make a horrible first impression most of the time you will be devastated and in most cases you beat yourself up and you keep on replaying your incident in your head over and over again and this usually gives you a headache and you feel like you will faint.
I have discovered four ways that help me recover from making a horrible first impression.

horrible first impression

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1. Meet with the person and apologize.
Meeting with the person will prove your sincerity so as to gain the other person’s trust. If you apologize chances are you will be forgiven and you will regain their trust and you will regain your confidence. If you are not close with the person a firm handshake would be good enough to iron out any horrible impressions and make way for a clean slate.
2. Try to make things right
If you offended them, highlight that it was not your intention to hurt or offend them and that you are willing to make things right. Try and do something out of your comfort zone and beg for forgiveness if you have to, it will be worth it at the end of the day.
3. Wear an appropriate outfit
Believe it or not your clothing says a lot about you. Dressing appropriately will go a long in undoing your horrible impression. If you are not a LBD dress kind of girl opt for jeans and a white t shirt and red lipstick. To dress down your jeans you can wear it with pumps and a cardigan and if it’s a date, opt for dark jeans, and add a blazer to give it a sleek sassy clean look. Add some glam by adding a bracelet and earrings. Comfort is key, stick to what works for you and not what works for someone else, after all life is too short to blend in.
4. Meet at a setting you are comfortable with.
What makes people make horrible impression can also be influenced by the setting. If you are not a club person then it happens that your first date is at a club ,you will probably be scared and not familiar with you are a romantic go for candle lit dinner at a restaurant where you will be able to chat and have a good conversation. If you are an outdoors person opt for a picnic or a braai. You will get to find out what your date likes and what they are allergic to.
You are make a horrible first impression but you always have the upper hand in retrieving yourself from that horrible first impression.

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