The six pairs of shoes every woman should own this summer.

Brian Artwood a stylist and designer says ‘’start your outfit with shoes, it takes a second to second to ruin it with bad ones, so build it up. To most women shoes are like diamonds. Shoes are definitely a girl’s bestie and the indeed can glamour and swag even to the drabbest outfit. One can rock a vintage frock with the most glamorous shoes bring a modern twist to the vintage rock.
You have to know the type of shoe to wear to a particular event. Not everyone can afford to buy shoes every now and then, but with these five pairs of shoes you can seal every outfit in your closet without breaking the bank. The five pairs of shoes every woman should own.
1. Sky scrapper heels

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These shoes just scream ‘’GLAMOUR’’. Peep toe or not, studded, suede, leather, neon, these beauties are not only eye candy but they are also confidence booster shoes. If you are in them, you feel like you can conquer the world. The best occasions to wear these beauties are to wear them to a cocktail party, a wedding, a dinner party, to an award ceremony, red carpet events. This is because in those events you have to shine and look your ultimate best. You should never wear them to work though because you will be on your feet the whole day, you would rather opt for kitten heels or wedges.
2. Wedges

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With spring around the corner, it’s a season that all about colour. Colour blocking and colour popping are some of the reigning trends, so the brighter the better. Women should have bright colours in their closets so as to lift their mood on those ‘I don’t feel so good days’’. It’s easy to wear bright colours however never wear more than three bright colours because you might end up looking like a clown or a Christmas tree. Wedges are not only comfortable and you can easily swoop them for your sky scrapper heel if you are to go out for drinks with the girls after work.
3. Boots

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Flat, high heeled, wedges, over the knee, ankle boots, and these shoes are smoky hot. They are a good investment as they are timeless and you can wear them for years and years. One can wear these anywhere except for the over the knee boots that are a no no to work and church, they are just inappropriate.
4. Pumps.

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Flat, casual and comfortable best describes these shoes. You can wear these beauties anywhere, whether to church, work or a party. But do not make the mistake of wearing them with an LBD at night or to a black tie event, it’s a sight for sore eyes.
5. Sandals.

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Be they gladiators, sandals or slippers, these shoes are super-duper comfortable and can be worn when you are going out shopping, partying, to a braai but do not make the mistake of wearing them to the office, they just screech casual. Don’t forget the Pedicure, it just gives them the extra touch of elegance.
6. Sneakers

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To everyone is comfortable in heels, sneakers can be worn when someone is going to the gym and to a party. However remember that they are those sports shoes that should not be worn except when going to the gym because they are hideous. Sneakers like the converse and all-star are classic and timeless and are definitely worth investing in.
With these six pairs of shoes you will look and feel gorgeous. Opt for nude, black, grey, brown, and beige if you are not a fan of bright colours. Go out there and conquer the world.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista

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