6 beauty items every woman should have in their cosmetic bag this December.

Beauty has become a priority and every woman wants to look their absolute best. It’s called make up because, it is there to enhance your beauty and not make you look like  a totally new person. You always have to bear in mind that you have to take good care of skin and eat right so that you look hot this December .The 6 beauty items that every woman should have are;
1. Face wash


Image courtesy of vogue.in
After having a long sweaty day, it is always a treat to go home and wash your face with face wash, this will help open the pores in your skin and you will not have black heads and blemishes. You will be having glowing skin that will not only make you feel like a million bucks but a billion bucks.
Tip: There is a face wash for every skin type. Go shopping for any Garnier, Clearsil, Neutrogena, Ponds products.
2. Face cream or foundation

face cream
Images courtesy of bobbibrowncosmetics.com
For the natural girls, who do not wear any make up; make sure you get the appropriate face cream for your face that gives you the glow that you love. For the glamorous girls, never apply face powder without foundation. Like the name suggests, this product is vital and a definite must have this spring.
3. Lipstick
Image courtesy of hairstyle.makeup.com
Red lipstick has been a hit in the silver screen since the 1920s and it can hold a man’s attention for ten seconds. It is a must have this spring, on trend and red hot.
4. Sunscreen


Image courtesy of http://www.productrew.com
This should be one of the items you have to invest in this spring, with the scorching sun, you have to protect your delicate skin from the UV rays that are bound to damage your skin.
5. Hand cream.

hand cream

Image courtesy of thebodyshop.uk
Chapped hands are unattractive and they make you lose confidence. Thus it is ideal to invest in hand cream that smells good.
6. Shaving cream

shaving cream

Image courtesy of http://www.shopstyle.uk
Its spring and the winter has come and gone. It is that time again when we start shaving again so that we show off our hairless skin.
Go ahead and invest in these 6 beauty products and take December head on.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

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