5 must haves this spring.

Spring is finally here and it is incredibly hot, but it’s a good way to finally show case you clothing items that have been stacked in your closet the whole of winter. It is time to bring out the kaftans, bum shorts, go swimming and eat lots of ice cream. The five must haves this spring are;
1. A maxi dress

maxi dress kwantuthu

Image courtesy of fashionups.com
With all this heat, it’s ideal to invest in a maxi dress. The longer the better and they look even better with prints or stripes. Make sure it’s also in a bright color, the brighter the better. Make sure it is not too tight so that you can actually strut in town and get those wolf whistles every woman loves. It’s spring after all.
2. An oversized hat.

floppy hat

Image courtesy of pop sugar.com
You definitely need one of these beauties so that you protect you face from getting sun burnt and even your shoulders if the bream is big enough. Make sure you get it in a color that can easily be dressed up and down. The bigger the hat the better and it should be plain.
3. Sunglasses

Image courtesy of cartier.co.uk
You will need to flaunt you glowing skin and the sunglasses with help you to achieve this. However, know the shape of you face so that you get the perfect pair. If you have a round face go for rectangle shaped glasses ,if you have an oval face you are the luckiest girl, because you can pull off anything, square, round, oval, cat eye, semi rimless. If you have a heart shaped face opt for rectangle shaped glasses.
4. Thong sandals

thong sandals

Image courtesy of pinterest.com
These beauties are a definite must have this spring. They are not only comfortable but stylish and you get to show off you gorgeous feet with rocking a red hot pedicure. When shopping for these beauties get the perfect size, not too small or too big and id they are embellished the better. Which girl doesn’t like a bit of bling…
5. Chiffon top

chiffon top
Image courtesy aliexpress.com
These tops are so on trend this spring. Whether they are sleeve less, short sleeved or long sleeved, they tops are very light and airy. Make sure you grab yours and you can dress it up or down. You can wear it with your shorts, skinny jeans, with tights and with a pencil skirt to work.
Go forth and invest in these five spring must haves.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

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