Unleashing the inner vintage vixen in you this spring…

To some fashion is a hobby to other people a career and to some as something that is no-existent. Over the years most women have never been moved by the way they look .With spring in the horizon, its high time women be concerned with the way they look. Spring has lots of events that require women to dress up and look stylish. When picking up outfits women should have two things in mind, to turn women green with envy and for men to just turn and stare.

Vintage clothing is not only stylish but it makes you unique and standout. However one should not make the mistake of wearing vintage from head to toe .It is always better to just use one vintage item, say for example a shift dress. The trick is to find that incredible dress that fits your body like a glove. You can dress it up or down in four ways.

vintage dress

Image courtesy of Imgkid.com

1. You can rock your vintage dress to work
You can wear your vintage dress with a blazer, pair it with pumps or wedges as you will want to be comfortable the whole day. You can add some glamour to your outfit by adding a cuff and some chandelier earrings and a tote bag to seal your look.
TIP: Do not be afraid to use color, as it will go a long way in bringing life to your outfit.
2. You can also rock your vintage shift dress when you are going out for drinks with the girls
All you have to do is just to slip on your sky high heels, preferably ones with studs or bold colors. Add a stylish clutch bag and a statement ring and you can go out and paint the town red.
3. You can rock your vintage dress to a wedding.
The idea is to look different but stylish, because they are nothing that hurts more than wearing the same outfit as the next person. What you can do is to add a fascinator, matching heels, sunglasses and a clutch bag that big enough so that you can carry your camera and make up. You wouldn’t want to ruin the wedding photos with you smudged lipstick.
3. You can wear your vintage number to church
The trick is to look simple but elegant. So just add earrings, a watch and a stylish handbag and mid heel heels.
Who said looking good should cost a fortune
XoXo Imelda the Fashionista


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