Turning a year old again…..The Qhawekazi turned a year older today.

I have to admit that when I was younger I really looked forward to my birthday but now I am not sure if I feel the same way. Growing up comes with so many responsibilities and expectations .The older generation starts asking the most bizarre questions that you thought they would never ask. Like who you are dating and when you will introduce them to your boyfriend. Some even go to the extent of telling you that they want grandchildren. #Weird.

I have to admit that I love being young, having the free and independent but they are some decisions that you have to make and regardless of the consequences that will come with those decisions.
But today is not a day of making any decisions, I just have to relax, reflect and be pampered. I have always believed that I am a miracle baby. I was born after 8 days after my mother’s labor pains started. I was born a few hours before her scheduled operation. Being the first born has always put pressure to do my level best all the time so as to set an example for my sister.

I am so fortunate to have supportive parents who have always believed in me and that have always. I have always been an individual who has always had the craziest dreams. I remember when I first told my mother I did not want to be a doctor anymore and I wanted to be a journalist instead. She was said no at first because she probably thought that I wanted to be a journalist at a war zone.#giggling

I remember when I turned twenty one I drafted the ultimate five year plan of the things I wanted to achieve and God has been so good to me by blessing me exceedingly abundantly and I am forever grateful. On this day however i get to receive presents and just kick back relax and unwind and enjoy just being a year older….Growing up aint so bad after all.

I had a wonderful day…..Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Tomorrow is a new day, new beginnings and I will keep on soldiering on #Iqhawekazi


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